Sunday, April 27, 2008

Meet the Revamped Broncos O-Line

LT: Ryan Clady
LG: Chris Kuper
C: Kory Lichtensteiger
RG: Montrae Holland
RT: Ryan Harris

Backup: Isaac Snell, G; Erik Pears, T

There's a lot to be excited about from this group. I'm looking forward to watching this unit develop. 2009 could be a big year in the mile high city!


the1one said...

A nice influx of youth into our aging O-Line. This an O-Line that has serious potential to rivaling the great O-Lines we put on the field in the late 90's.

No better way of protecting the most valuable commodity then injecting a young nucleous of HOGS to protect him. The only thing they wont be able to protect is Cutler's insulin levels.

We are two-three seasons away from sitting atop the throne in the AFC.

Go Broncos!!

the1one said...

WOW..I shoulda proof read my post before I sent it. I sounded like a moron.